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Real talk from real women.

What’s a Digital Women Leaders mentoring session really like? Here are reviews from journalists who participated in one-on-one calls.

"I was nervous about my call, as asking for help is something I definitely struggle with – but Rachel Rohr quickly put me at ease and was very patient and understanding. She helped not only provide me with general advice based on her experience and understanding of the industry but also provided me with some actionable next steps I can take to help with the issues I raised in our call. I am so incredibly grateful for this site and for Rachel's kindness!"


“I just had a really helpful FaceTime with one of your mentors, Jenny Lawton, and I wanted to let you know how productive it was. Jenny was really positive and helpful, and she provided some specific feedback on my ideas and insightful guidance on career planning. I haven't had mentoring before, so I found this very helpful, so I just wanted to feed that back to you and let you know how great Jenny is and that it's fantastic that you've set up this scheme!”


“My coaching sessions were fantastic. Jerusha Raath shared some wonderful tips on making my own website, how to add audio to my portfolio and training sessions on getting into multimedia. Hannah Wise provided some great tips on websites for multimedia training and information on making infographics. I learned that I should not fear multimedia journalism. Learning is a part of growing and I will be a much more marketable freelancer if I step up my game. I cannot wait to try their tips out.”


“Thank you — thank you thank you thank you — for this cohort, for these office hours, for this group, for your support and for all the beautiful, crucial things that have grown out of everything that you've built.

I'm sure you hear this a lot, but I've felt, for almost three years now, as though I've been working in a vacuum, without a manager or a peer to lean on for support, bounce ideas off of, work through challenges or plot the next wonderful thing. I'm only now beginning to realize how isolating that can be. It's like treading water and playing soccer all at once.

And then we chatted and for the first time in a very, very (excruciatingly) long time, I felt as though maybe I'm not alone in this! And that. was. remarkable."


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