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Supporting inclusive leaders means better journalism.

Digital Women Leaders is powered by the Online News Association. Through programs like the Women’s Leadership Accelerator and across all of its programming, ONA prioritizes the development of innovative and inclusive leaders to help make the industry better. You can help ONA continue and expand its efforts through donating or becoming a member.

Additionally, here are a few simple ways you can help support DWL:


Feedback is critical to the success of this project. Testimonials help us further the reach of Digital Women Leaders, and may be used in future resources to help others make the most of their mentorship experience. Do you wish your mentor session could have gone better? Did you have a fantastic call? Tell us about it! Your feedback helps us improve.


This one couldn't be easier. Just tell your friends about us! If you had a good coaching session, post about it on social media or recommend it to a colleague who you think would benefit from a similar experience. This project is all about journalists supporting each other, and word-of-mouth helps us continue to spread great advice and good vibes.