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Headshot of Stephanie Backus

Stephanie Backus

National Digital Editorial Manager, Hearst Television


United States

Stephanie Backus is the national digital editorial manager for Hearst Television’s national news desk. She started the national desk for Hearst TV after working for three years at Hearst TV’s Oklahoma City station. She is based in Pittsburgh. Her team is responsible for all national content on the company’s 26 station websites. Her team also works on the company’s national brand Stitch. Stephanie’s role involves content and strategic management of national content. She spends a substantial amount of her time working with audience and data about the audience to make strategic content decisions. Prior to her work for Hearst Television, Stephanie worked at television stations in Kansas City, Jefferson City, Mo., Lincoln, Neb., and for MASN in Baltimore. She is a co-leader of ONA Pittsburgh and sings in a women’s community choir in Pittsburgh.