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Headshot of Shira T. Center

Shira T. Center

General Manager for Newsroom Initiatives, Boston Globe


United States

Shira serves as the Boston Globe’s general manager for newsroom initiatives — a newly created position that marries her love of change-making journalism with her creative drive to find new revenue streams for and around it. In this “bridge” role, she’s charged with maximizing commercial revenue for the Boston Globe’s content, including new projects, legacy journalism and newsroom events. Prior to this, she was a political editor and reporter for 15 years. She started as a political reporter in Washington, D.C., where she covered Congress and campaigns for inside-the-beltway publications including Roll Call and Politico. At the Globe, she served as the publication’s political editor for State House, City Hall and New Hampshire primary coverage. However, her proudest professional accomplishment is working with a group of women at the Globe to change the company’s paid family leave policy.