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Headshot of Samantha Ragland

Samantha Ragland

Director, Digital Content Strategy, GateHouse Florida


United States

A Southerner to the core, Samantha Ragland is Director of Digital Content Strategy for GateHouse Media’s Florida Group — responsible for growing digital audience and acumen across 22 newspaper markets through niche products, alternate business models and accessible digital training.

She is a newsroom leader whose first mission is clear: to give her team wings.

Samantha earned a Master’s in Journalism from Syracuse University where she was a Goldring Arts Fellow and a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from Western Kentucky. Before being a journalist, she was an adjunct English professor.

When it comes to coaching, Samantha especially loves coaching on creative leadership and public speaking like the Oprah you are.

A few of her greatest joys in life: Seeing God work in and around her. Loving her husband to his imperfect core. Being her father’s daughter. And watching as many KDramas as her eyelids will stay open for.