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Headshot of Rebecca Feldhaus Adams

Rebecca Feldhaus Adams

News Director, Louisville Public Media


United States

Rebecca (Bec) Feldhaus Adams is the news director at Louisville Public Media in Louisville, Kentucky, her hometown. She is a leader, editor, teammate, friend and mentor. Bec’s work is built on the belief that the way we do our work is as important as the journalism we produce. To do that, teams must embrace compassion, rigor and humility. Bec led the creation of the first local newsroom at WHRO Public Media in Norfolk, Virginia. She was an editor at WAMU in Washington, D.C., managed talent and programming at AIR in Boston and reported at WKMS and The Paducah Sun in western Kentucky. Bec’s stories and collaborations have won state, regional, national and international awards including “Best Use of Sound,” for a story about an evangelical horse whisperer and the RIAS Berlin Prize for “A Critical Moment,” an audio documentary. She holds two degrees from Murray State University. Bec has been named both a roller derby MVP and Miss Congeniality in past lives. Outside work, she enjoys karaoke, hosting dinner parties and traveling with her family.