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Headshot of Noelle Swan

Noelle Swan

Deputy Daily Editor, The Christian Science Monitor

English, Spanish

United States

Noelle Swan is the deputy editor of the Monitor Daily and leads science, technology, and environment coverage. Noelle came to journalism late in life after a 12-year career in early childhood education. As an editor, she quickly learned that managing adults is not all that different from managing young children. In both settings, patience and compassion have proved to be keys to her success.
Since joining the Monitor in 2013, Noelle has worked as both an editor and writer for the website and the weekly magazine. She has also worked as a freelance reporter. Noelle is a graduate of Harvard University where she studied natural science, environmental management, and journalism. She is active in the local and national science writing community and sits on the steering committee for the New England Science Writers. In her spare time, she serves as an assistant coach for amateur boxers.