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Headshot of Mpho Raborife

Mpho Raborife

News Editor, News24

English, Tswana, Sotho

South Africa

Mpho is a news editor at News24, South Africa’s largest news site, where she helps lead a team of journalists across the country. She is currently in charge of overseeing News24’s national evening and early morning content.

She also serves on the Employment Equity Forum, where she and her team monitor the parent company Media24’s commitment to redressing injustices of South Africa’s pre-democratic past of unfair exclusion to opportunities based on race, in accordance with South Africa’s Labour, through the company’s recruitment policies.

Mpho is also part of a panel that identifies young graduate-level talent that can be part of the News24’s dynamic internship program.

She holds an undergraduate journalism degree from Rhodes University and an honours degree in journalism from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Mpho has a curious mind and believes in the power of introspection. She resides in Cape Town.