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Headshot of Megan Leach

Megan Leach

News Editor, Digital, The Canadian Press



Megan Leach is currently the News Editor, Digital with the Canadian Press Digital Desk. She is also CP’s election coordinator and representative in Canada’s media election results consortium. Megan moved to the Digital Desk upon its creation, after spending a year as the Acting Deputy Director of Online overseeing all aspects of online services and distribution at CP. Her move to online evolved from her experience with the Canadian Press Online Video department where she had worked since its inception in late 2006, editing and producing a wide variety of videos daily, in addition to videographer, reporter and voiceover duties. Prior to that, she spent time as a reporter for the Canadian Press Life/Arts department, and worked as a reporter and studio editor for CP’s broadcast audio service for over five years. Megan has also lent her voice talents to a variety of freelance projects.