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Headshot of Kim Fox

Kim Fox

Director of Product, Reader Experience, Hearst


United States

Kim is the Director of Product, Reader Experience at Hearst. Previously she was the Head of Product at CalMatters, a 50-person statewide nonprofit news organization covering the fifth largest economy in the world, where she had responsibility for managing and improving the ways Californians experienced their journalism. Kim also worked at The Philadelphia Inquirer, where she served as Managing Editor, Audience and Innovation, and as Product Director during a period of tremendous change. She’s held editorial and product roles at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBS, and Bloomberg, been part of several startups, and early in my career as a producer at Second City in Toronto. Having left university due to financial constraints in her early twenties, Kim returned to school in midlife, recently earning two degrees from the Fox School of Business at Temple University: An MBA focused on strategic management and digital transformation, and a master’s degree in innovation management and entrepreneurship with a concentration in product and technology management.