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Headshot of Gabrielle Sierra

Gabrielle Sierra

Director of Podcasting, Host of Why It Matters, Council on Foreign Relations


United States

Gabrielle Sierra is the Director of Podcasting and host of the Why It Matters podcast at the Council on Foreign Relations. She is skilled at breaking down complex concepts to make them accessible, and has a record of success creating award-winning, engaging, and thought-provoking audio content in the field of international relations. In her current role, she oversees CFR’s suite of audio products and leads a team of producers and engineers. As a co-creator and co-producer of the Webby Award-winning Why It Matters podcast, Gabrielle built the show from the ground up, and it remains unique in the world of international relations As the first female and first Latina to host a show for CFR, as well as an ICAP Fellow and co-chair for CFR’s Employee Resource Group on Diversity of Underrepresented Groups in the Workplace, a focus on DEI has been and continues to be part of Gabrielle’s mission as a leader. She also regularly hosts panels, events, and social videos for CFR. She is a native New Yorker, and while her podcasting work is in the field of international relations, her freelance writing largely focuses on the New York arts and culture scene. She has her master’s degree in journalism, and spent several years as an editor and curator at Facebook.