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Headshot of Emily Withrow

Emily Withrow

Director, R&D, Quartz

English, French

United States

Emily Withrow is director of Quartz R&D, where she leads cross-functional efforts to ideate, shape, prototype, and build new features and products aimed at engagement and retention of Quartz members. It is super fun. Previously at Quartz, she was the director of member experience, and director of the Bot Studio. She’s also faculty at Northwestern University, where she taught for six years prior to joining Quartz. Before that, she worked for The A.V. Club and McKinsey & Company. If you’re looking for a theme here, it’s a total passion for difficult problems worth solving, and bringing weird ideas to life. Withrow spends much of her free time talking with robots, rock climbing, and researching recipes she will eventually abandon for nachos.