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Headshot of Corinne Kappeler

Corinne Kappeler

Social Impact Consultant, Coral Collective


United States

Corinne’s personal mission is to unlock other people’s potential. A naturally strategic thinker, she is passionate about empowering others and leading initiatives that generate opportunities among disadvantaged communities. She is a leadership coach who has worked with social impact leaders in discovering the mindset needed to envision and pursue new possibilities.

Corinne specializes in organizational strategy, with a focus on storytelling, board development and building capacity for growth. She has advised leaders of various nonprofit newsrooms in California, and currently serves as a member of the stewardship team of the News Futures Care Collaboratory, a learning community of journalism scholars, newsroom leaders, editors, reporters, and artists exploring how we gather people in ways that generate a deeper sense of connection, belonging and possibility.

She became the first Executive Director of Girl Develop It (GDI) in 2014, growing a small grassroots nonprofit startup into a thriving movement with over 110,000 members nationally. Under her leadership, GDI helped create welcoming, supportive opportunities for women and non-binary adults to learn software development skills in more than 60 communities across the country.

Corinne began her career working in the newsroom at WHYY, a National Public Radio and PBS affiliate in Philadelphia.