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Headshot of Megan Douglass

Megan Douglass

Senior Editor, Newsroom Talent, The Wall Street Journal


United States

Megan Douglass started her career at The Wall Street Journal as an intern, and she’s been there ever since. In her 16+ years at WSJ, she’s seen a ton of change. Her first jobs included updating economic indicator reports in clunky html files and managing on weekends during solo shifts. Other roles include: night shift on the news hub, interactive graphics editor, and digital editor for features. As deputy editor for emerging media, Megan helped produce the Journal’s daily editions on Snapchat Discover.

Now, Megan is the Senior Editor for Newsroom Talent. As part of the Managing Editor’s Office, she helps with hiring and recruiting across the newsroom and across the world. She’s involved in interviewing and selecting summer interns. And she helps WSJ journalists navigate their next moves and career paths. Megan is a mom and negotiated a 4-day/week schedule until her youngest started school full-time.